Privacy Statement

Your privacy is very important to us. The Cool Easy never sells nor gives out your personal information without permission, outside displaying name and general city location. This includes displaying your date of birth displayed on your profile. We do offer birthday wishes, without year of date showing. The Cool Easy uses your birthday to help monitor under age users along with birthday wishes.  In addition, your information may be used to help target our advertising, still never given out to our advertisers outside of site statistics.  The Cool Easy always advices internet users never to display your complete address nor tell people where you are until "after the fact", as a general safety rule of thumb.  At The Cool Easy, we have tried to give our users as much freedom as possible, allowing users to choose their own privacy settings in the different areas of site.  Members can control privacy through the settings area. The settings control is located in signed in members top toolbar area of the site.  Your chat settings is in this area along with inside the chat area as well for your convenience. Some are located as you post on the posting form depending on your membership type, and where you are posting. In addition, The Cool Easy will NEVER call you and ask for your credit card number.  only use billing info within the sites link.  NEVER through an email!!!  If you ever get such emails, do not open, only delete them, clean your cookies before you log back in.  And always look at the http:// to ensure you are on The Cool Easy website or website, when using stores or third party member links.  OTHERWISE it is not us!  Again, The Cool Easy will never ask for your credit card number. We will simply refer you to your account billing area.  If you ever feel you might have been hacked, change your pass code immediately.  Non-members posting in classifieds will not have as many options in privacy due to the fact they are not logged in to set their privacy permissions in settings.

Thank you,
The Cool Easy Crew!